Express transport

We specialize in express transports for delivery within 24 hours or less, if necessary, especially in the electronics and automotive industries.

We are providing:


  1. urgent deliveries (delivery required ASAP)
  2. important delivery (delivery to be mostly on second-third business day)
  3. delivery on exact time and date (delivery must be done on specified date and time)

Our priority in the delivery of express parcels:

-          Individual approach

Each client requirement is treated individually and in a very short time we can offer solutions, because we know that sometime the minute matter.

-          Monitoring of vehicles

Our each vehicle is equipped with satellite tracking equipment, so at any time we can find out where your shipment is at the moment. We provide information about the vehicle during working hours and beyond, also on weekends and holidays.

-          Tandem (two drivers)

For urgent shipments, we offer the possibility of two drivers, that can drive our cars without having to stop and your product could be in place in time to ensure the elimination of losses caused by delay.

Rent a car with a professional driver

If necessary, we can arrange a car rental with driver on your desired date and time.